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Arlington's Leaf Blower Bylaw Passes Town Meeting

See this May 11 Your Arlington article for a detailed account of the meeting. 

About Arlington's new bylaw

Last spring, Arlington Town Meeting passed new regulations for the use of gas-powered leaf blowers. The text of the new bylaw is available on the town website. See Town Bylaws, Title V, Article 12, Section 3.D Here’s what it means for our town.

 Quieter, cleaner, electric leaf blowers have now become a viable alternative.  In addition, as the climate crisis has escalated, the Town of Arlington has declared a Climate Emergency, adopted a Net Zero Action Plan with significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions targeted for 2030, and is a state leader in the climate fight. 

The new bylaw will:

Text of new bylaw here

Flyer outlining times when gas powered leaf blowers are allowed here