More Information on Emissions from Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

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Health Impacts from Gas Powered Leaf Blowers


Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Too Loud! For Too Long! Loud noises damage hearing
Link here

How to “Look” at Noise Chart
Link here

Policy of the Massachusetts Medical Society concerning Gas Powered Leaf Blowers pdf here

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: How Do We Protect Our Ears?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration: Occupational Noise Exposure

Environmental Noise Pollution in the United States: Developing an Effective Public Health Response

Noise as a Public Health Hazard Link here


Exposure and Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (pdf)

Particulate Matter Exposure and Preterm Birth

Integrated Science Assessment for Particulate Matter

Particulate Matter Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease

American Cancer Society, Benzene and Cancer Risk
Link here

A good resource

It presents the noise, toxic pollution and health impacts in a concise way, with numerous supporting links.

Links to Additional Information


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which, in turn, support birds and wildlife.

List of Landscapers who don’t use gas-powered leaf blowers

Local landscapers who are using electric equipment.

See our handout here

Garden behind Town Hall

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